I am Kate Branch, photographer and author of "How to Look Good in Photos: His and Hers Tips and Tricks."

No matter what your life experience, photographs are all that are left. Accolades, youth, travel, the beauty of your baby – it all slips through what we call time. And I’ve learned that as you get older your memory starts to become a little unreliable. But a photograph can remind you, add a smile to your face, and take you back to that moment – even if just for a second. That is why I am a photographer. And that's why I wrote this book. So we can all capture life's moments.

Have you ever wondered why celebrities look so good in photos? From smart phones selfies, to professional cameras at big events- there is always a picture being taken. From the dating game, to the boardroom, and even your holidays. Images are captured so learn my (Kate Branch,professional photographer) tricks and look your best!

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Review from: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26815053-how-to-look-good-in-photos

I got sick and tired of looking uncomfortable in family photos, once I gave up avoiding them altogether. I needed a book to not only tell me, but show me how to look my best...this is the book. There are a lot of before and after pictures to see how a simple shift can make a huge difference.