I am Kate Branch: Photographer, Author and Social Media Manager.

I have worked as a photographer for 15 years and have written a book "How to Look good In Photos", available at Google Books and Amazon. I am very proud that after writing this book, it has been shared by the American La Daily and the Australian Daily telegraph.

After writing my book I have been interviewed by the international Chinese publications BQ weekly (cover) and the prestigious magazine Vanke Life. I love connecting with China through my verified weibo. In Australia my images have appeared in Home Beautiful, Art now, and Porsche Power.

I have taught workshops at Mosman and North Sydney community college and given talks on photography and posing. Check out my Youtube channel to learn more.

I think one of my greatest skills is my ability to think creatively. I am also trained in Adobe Photoshop and Social Media Management.

I believe in the power of social capital. In fact, I volunteered and managed the social media for a successful Kickstarter campaign. A chocolate and turmeric company empowering female farmers in Vietnam. That was life-changing and introduced me to the world of social media and to my current career.

I have also donated selected travel images to the world wide wiki image donation project.

When I am not capturing beautiful portraits, I am sharing my photography with the world via Instagram, Facebook, or check out my blog.

My fine art images are exclusive with Saatchi art.

Connect with me via LinkedIn.

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Thats me! Kate Branch Xx