I am a photographer, content creator and creative strategist for Emerald city hotels management group. What is a creative strategist? Imagine and Art director and Media Planner having a love child! I deliver conceptual consistency whilst creating content that has an emotional connection with the brands audience. My undergraduate degree (BA Fine arts, UNSW) fine tuned my creative conceptual skills. My Masters (MA Art Therapy, UWS) deepened my understanding of image creation and personal connection.

When I am not working I am travelling and sharing my photography with the world via Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, Linkedin, Youtube and even the Chinese social media platform Weibo. My fine art has been exhibited at at:

-TAP Gallery Darlinghurst 

-The Australian Affordable Art Fair

-St Vincent's Private Hospital Darlinghurst

-The University of New South Wales

-The University of Western Sydney

You can check out my fine art at Sattchi Art

I worked as a photographer for 15 years and have written a book How to Look Good In Photos. These tips are from 15 years as a professional undergraduate trained photographer, and also my modelling experience (from many years ago). 

Modelling many years ago was a great opportunity to travel. But I have never done more sit ups in my life! I represented Australia at the Miss World University Pageant in Korea, and modelled in Europe for Porsche and Playboy. After my very last modelling job, I jumped on a train to Paris and ate croissants for a week ;) Here are some pictures from my modelling days when I was in my 20s! 

















I believe in the power of community . I am very lucky to have amazing friends and a strong community (you know who you are dear friends).  I have also met some inspirational people on my travels who dedicate a huge part of their time to helping our larger community. I would like to give them a shout out as they are an inspiration to me. 













My husband Jean- Claude Branch and I were very lucky to meet the Prime Minister of Australia at Kirribilli house. It was also my privilege to meet his amazing wife Margaret Abbott.

My husband Jean- Claude Branch and I were very lucky to see the former Prime Minister Bob Hawke sing Waltzing Matilda at a private function. It was also my privilege to chat to him afterward about art and the importance of creativity. The most charismatic person I have ever met!











Peter Garrett is a national treasure. It was great meeting him. From his music career to his political career. Who doesn't love singing to Midnight oil!

My entire family were very lucky to tour one of the Australian Navy ships. My daughter had drawn a thank you picture and gave it to one of the crew and thanked her for protecting our country.  



Tracey Spicer. This amazing woman is definitely an inspiration. Her ted talks the lady stripped bare is fantastic. Also she is a great role model for Mothers and daughters and starts conversations about parenting that we need to have. 

I love giving back to the community. Helping the paraplegic turmeric farmer Hoa Phan in Vietnam by raising money via kickstarter was life changing for me. Hoa Phan is a farmer and mother from Vietnam who became a paraplegic while giving birth to her son. I can't imagine what becoming a paraplegic from a birth complication is like. I and am so proud that our kickstarter campaign selling chocolate gave Hoa Phan a new wheelchair, medical assistance and a scooter made for people with a disability. I will continue to support and enjoy a friendship with Hoa Phan throughout my career and life. 


Thank you for taking the time to read about me, my passions and my inspirations.​
Kate Branch  Xx

<img alt="kate branch">
Jean Claude and Kate Branch with the Prime Minister of Australia and his wife
Kate Branch and Jean Claude Branch with Tracey Spicer
Branch family on Navy Ship

Kate Branch

Kate Branch and peter garrett
Kate Branch, Nhi Dihn, Hoa Phan