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Jean Claude and Kate Branch with the Prime Minister of Australia and his wife
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Kate Branch

Kate Branch and peter garrett

I am a Social Media Manager for Emerald City Hotel Management Group,  and founder of Travel Lovers Australia. My undergraduate degree (BA Fine arts, UNSW) fine-tuned my creative conceptual skills. My Masters (MA Art Therapy, UWS) deepened my ability to create imagery that has an emotional connection.

I worked as a photographer for 15 years and have written a book How to Look Good In Photos. These tips are from 15 years as a professional undergraduate trained photographer, and also my modelling experience (from many years ago).  

As a former photographer and model I have had amazing travel experiences. One of the first to be offered to drive in the Porsche Macan in Germany.  Trips to Korea that involved me going on a national Korean talk show "High 5" that dared people to do odd things. (I drank a weird tea, and a model friend of mine dressed in a sumo outfit and wrestled!)  However,I knew modelling was not my vocation when after modelling for Playboy in Germany all I could think was "Great, now that's done I can eat a triple chocolate ice cream."I was much more suited to my photography career. And that took me places too! An all expenses journey to Ayers Rock and Noosa. I also lived on Daydream Island as the resident photographer. I loved where my career took me. But I needed a change. Social Media Management is hands down the best job as a Mother. You can work from home and at hours that suit you. I am grateful my career change worked out well. 

I believe in the power of community. I am very lucky to have amazing friends and a strong community (you know who you are dear friends).  I have also met some inspirational people on my travels who dedicate a huge part of their time to helping our larger community. I would like to give them a shout out as they are an inspiration to me. 

My husband Jean- Claude Branch and I were very lucky to meet the Prime Minister of Australia and his amazing wife Margaret Abbott. We also saw the former Prime Minister Bob Hawke sing Waltzing Matilda at a private function. It was also my privilege to chat with him afterwards about art and the importance of creativity. Mr Hawke was the most charismatic person I have ever met! Call me lucky but I also got to meet Peter Garrett, national treasure. From his music career to his political career. Who doesn't love singing to Midnight oil!

I love giving back to the community. Helping the paraplegic turmeric farmer Hoa Phan in Vietnam by raising money via Kickstarter was life-changing for me. Hoa Phan is a farmer and mother from Vietnam who became a paraplegic while giving birth to her son. I can't imagine what becoming a paraplegic from a birth complication is like. I and am so proud that our Kickstarter campaign selling chocolate gave Hoa Phan a new wheelchair, medical assistance and a scooter made for people with a disability. I will continue to support and enjoy a friendship with Hoa Phan throughout my career and life. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about me, my passions and my inspirations. 
Kate Branch  Xx

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