Kate Branch, Nhi Dihn, Hoa Phan
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Jean Claude and Kate Branch with the Prime Minister of Australia and his wife

My life Motto; "Eat chocolate, love, laugh, capture the moment"

I am a born and bred Sydney girl ,a former model, author and photographer. I have been the resident photographer on a far away island (tough job), attached my camera gear to a large telescope at an observatory (biggest lens ever), worked in fashion and portraiture (long hours), shot for advertising (all about the “angle”), written a book on how to look good in photos (exhausting) ,

and I create fine art.

I am very proud of my book How to Look Good In Photos. From smart phones selfies, to professional cameras at big events- there is always a picture being taken. From the dating game, to the boardroom, and even your holidays. Images are captured so learn my tricks and look your best! .

I have a BA in Fine art from UNSW. This training fine tuned my creative skills. My fine art work has been exhibited at at TAP Gallery Darlinghurst, The Australian Affordable Art Fair, St Vincent's Private Hospital Darlinghurst, the University of New South Wales, the University of Western Sydney, Cremorne Point Manor and Glenferrie Lodge Kirribilli. You can check out my blog for my recent artwork. I sell my work through Sattchi Art. 

I also have a Masters in Art therapy from the University of Western Sydney. Studying Fine Art and Psychodynamics was nothing short of amazing. To learn how to express yourself not only conceptually (Art college helps there) but emotionally is very freeing. With my interest in Eastern Religions, Yoga, Aromatherapy and Music therapy- it's quite a recipe ;)

I am a proud wife, mother and am also co-founder of Chocumin: refined turmeric and chocolate made by our company Three Mothers Chocolates. After a 15 year career in photography, I needed a new creative challenge. I look after the branding, marketing, PR and social media. I tell the Chocumin story and welcome people to this amazing brand which I am so proud of. But my most important job is being resident taste tester of all Chocumin chocolate. 

I also believe in the power of sisterhood. I have been very lucky to meet some amazing women privately (you know who you are dear friends) and publicly. I would like to share with you only some of the amazing women I have been inspired by. Maybe you can be too. 

My husband Jean- Claude an I were very lucky to meet the Prime Minister of Australia. It was also my privilege to meet his amazing wife Margaret Abbott. As a former director of a childcare Mrs Abbott had such an amazing community spirit. As a country we are lucky to have had a Prime Minister who’s wife was aware of modern parenting’s exciting but sometimes challenging issues. Also being pregnant at the time it was also very poignant for me. 

Tracey Spicer. This amazing woman is definatley an inspiration. Her ted talks the lady stripped bare is fantastic. Also she is a great role model for Mothers and daughters and starts conversations about parenting that we need to have. 

My business partners Nhi Dihn and Hoa Phan. Visiting both women in Vietnam was life changing. Their strength is amazing and it is a privilege to work with them. Nhi and I both can't imagine what becoming a paraplegic from a birth complication is like. I and am so proud that Chocumin is giving Hoa Phan new hope and a new life.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me, my passions and my inspirations.

Kate Xx

Kate Branch and Jean Claude Branch with Tracey Spicer

Kate Branch