Kate Branch

Thats me! Kate Branch Xx

I am Kate Branch: Photographer, Author and Social Media Manager.

I have worked as a photographer for 15 years and have written a book "How to Look good In Photos", available at Google Books and Amazon.

After writing my book I have been interviewed by the LA daily, Mosman Daily, the international Chinese publications BQ weekly (cover) and the prestigious magazine Vanke Life. My images have appeared in Home Beautiful, Art now, Porsche Power and the Mosman daily.

I have taught workshops at Mosman and North Sydney community college and given talks on photography and posing. Check out my Youtube channel to learn more.

I think one of my greatest skills is my ability to think creatively. I am also trained in Adobe Photoshop and Social Media Management.

I believe in the power of social capital. In fact, I volunteered and managed the social media for a successful Kickstarter campaign. A chocolate and turmeric company empowering female farmers in Vietnam. That was life-changing and introduced me to the world of social media and to my current career.

When I am not capturing beautiful portraits, I am sharing my photography with the world via Instagram, Facebook, or check out my blog.

My fine art images are exclusive with Saatchi art.

Connect with me via LinkedIn.